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Advanced Virtualization

  Key Aspects of Virtualization

Server Virtualization

Often used as a synonym for advanced load balancing, Nexulus help enterprises virtual interface & provide access to many different application services transparently. Virtual servers with robust topology and secure environment are applied to a host of application deployments and architectures, from front-end application servers to issuing the load among numerous web server platforms and even the data and storage tiers with database virtualization..

Storage Virtualization

This type of virtualization forms a base on which several important data services are formed. Services such as volume management, LUN control, snapshots, clustering, and data replication are significantly less complex when virtualization is present, Nexulus makes it possible to consolidate storage effectively and simultaneously reduce downtime, and manual administrative activities.

Network Virtualization

With an aim to cut down the overall IT expense of an organization and to make its applications and services more agile, Nexulus offers network virtualization solutions. When an organization transforms its traditional method of box-based networking into a single unified platform, it benefits from faster recovery times, better management of the network and no place for intricate protocol overlays.

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