Virtual Healthcare Platform

Patient Treatment and Health Tracker App

Head and neck cancer is a serious global health concern that often carries a poor prognosis. Historically, treatment for this disease has involved cisplatin-based chemotherapy regimens. However, not all patients are suitable for cisplatin-based chemotherapy, and its use can lead to acute and late toxicities, low treatment adherence, and even treatment-related deaths.

Our proposed solution is a cutting-edge app that leverages the latest guidelines and clinical evidence to help physicians identify cisplatin contraindications and high-risk patients. Based on an internationally published consensus recommendation, this app will assist physicians in validating each patient’s clinical criteria and determine if they are suitable for cisplatin-based treatment. By providing alternative regimens to patients who are unsuitable or contraindicated for cisplatin, we aim to minimize the risk of treatment-related side effects.

The app will be used by a network of doctors who can easily keep track of their patients’ data on a week-by-week basis and collaborate with their peers for added insights. By leveraging the latest technology and best practices, our solution is poised to revolutionize the way head and neck cancer is treated.