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Nexulus is an innovative company that utilizes technology to provide significant advantages to its clients. The company has a team of talented and passionate experts who specialize in various fields such as AI, ML Ops, Big Data, DevOps, and Managed Services. With extensive experience and a strong focus on technology, the Nexulus team is committed to providing advanced solutions that enable businesses to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment. As a leading provider of advanced technology solutions, Nexulus has helped a wide range of clients, including Startups, SMEs, Fintech, and Large Enterprises, to optimize their operations, enhance security, and improve scalability. With its headquarters in Bangalore and sales offices in Delhi and Mumbai, Nexulus is well-placed to offer state-of-the-art technology solutions that boost efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a competitive advantage to its customers.

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Cloud Modernization

 At Nexulus, We are helping leaders plan for continued volatility in the near and medium term and imagine what the postpandemic future could look like.  We assist the transition to a cloud-based system by thoroughly analysing and comparing current IT portfolio and infrastructure with future state from a financial standpoint. We incorporate factors ranging from people, process and technology to provide an accurate picture of the financial benefits of cloud adoption

Data & Business Analytics

At Nexulus, we set the right strategy as you manage your data at scale Is your current database a roadblock in achieving your desired results,  Where do I start if I want to explore Bigtable or Spanner or any other cloud native database, Our Data experts guide you through the process & analyse the root causes and gaps within your current architecture impeding your achievement of desired results

Applied AI

AI & Machine learning can help solve complex problems that are difficult to address via traditional methods, improving your efficiency, scalability, and risk management.Nexulus  machine learning tools and expert engineers can help you maximize the benefits of your analytics program. Using Neuxlus AIOPs and ML platform that helps organizations get better insight into the overall health of their business

Software Re-Engineering

Modern applications are changing how you deliver customer value. Many organizations are building new applications the hard way as they struggle to find a balance between managing technology and delivering new features. While the cloud promises agility, that doesn’t happen automatically. Modern applications are built with a combination of modular architecture patterns, serverless operational models, and agile developer processes


DevSecOps is the seamless integration of security testing and protection throughout the software development and deployment lifecycle. DevSecOps is as much about culture and shared responsibility as it is about any specific technology or techniques. at Nexulus  the goals of DevSecOps Experts  are to release better software faster, and to detect and respond to software flaws in production faster and with more efficiency

Our Ops Framework

Business Process Automation


We understand the challenges that businesses face in cloud-based deployments and operations. Our team's meticulous planning and monitoring break down the 'complexity wall,' delivering seamless and efficient solutions that help our clients succeed in today's digital landscape.


We prioritize our clients' success by allowing them to focus on their core business while we take care of their cloud infrastructure's security and regulatory compliance. With our expertise, we ensure that our clients' cloud environments are audit-ready.

Application re-engineering

Re-engineered applications provide uninterrupted service and involve minimal risk. We employ a proven re-engineering methodology, and our skilled team approaches each project with a comprehensive application development perspective to deliver exceptional products.

Data & Analytics

Imagine a steady stream of insights to help you make better business decisions. Data, analytics and AI have opened the door to entirely new possibilities,Nexulus analytics services and solutions can help any organization grow and differentiate themselves against competition.

Discover the Inspiring Stories of Our Shared Successes

Case Studies
Nexulus has designed and delivered innovative applications and solutions to many top
enterprises. Here are a few examples of our cloud case studies.
We were impressed with the level of expertise and support provided by Nexulus during the implementation of our data analytics solution. The platform has exceeded our expectations and has greatly improved our decision-making process.
Amit Luthra
Engineering Director , Dell India
Cloud & Data automation solution has been a game-changer for our business. It has allowed us to streamline processes, reduce manual errors, and improve efficiency. We highly recommend Nexulus to any organization looking to take their automation to the next level.
Sajid Mansuri
Program Manager -
Continuous monitoring and threat detection of our production workload on cloud have been a huge win for our organization. We are now able to proactively address security issues, reducing the risk of a security breaches thanks to team at Nexulus
Savitha Reddy
CTO- AlphaGeek

what our client say about our Works ?

The ML ops Skills of Data Engineers at Nexulus has helped us to streamline our machine learning development and deployment processes. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and their support team is always available to help when we need it.
Praveen Shenoy
Project Manager- Nestle India
The team at Nexulus was able to understand our business needs quickly and provide a tailored software re-engineering solution to meet our needs. The end result was a modern, efficient system that has exceeded our expectations.
Jon Myer
Director AI & Analytics- Jupiter

The Most question we had so far

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. It uses algorithms, statistical models, and machine learning techniques to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns, making predictions, and making decisions.

Using cloud technology for data analytics offers a number of benefits, including scalability, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and security. With cloud-based data analytics, organizations can store, process, and analyzelarge amounts of data without the need for expensive on-premise infrastructure.

Data analytics can be used to drive business value by providing insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and operational performance. This information can be used to make data-driven decisions, improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and drive revenue growth. Organizations can leverage data analytics tools and techniques to uncover hidden patterns and trends, and to develop predictive models that can inform business strategy and decision-making.

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